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How “Suite” It Is

One-Bedroom Suite at Best Western

Best Western Cape Suites Hotel

When touring Cape Town with us, you’ll be staying at one of two comfortable and conveniently located properties: Inverness Apartments, which we featured in a previous issue, or Best Western Suites Hotel. Best Western has 13 types of hotels in its brand portfolio from its Premium Collections right down to its Legacy brand, with which you are likely familiar. The Cape Suites is in a class by itself, with its spacious and stylish rooms and thoughtful amenities.

New Tents at Humala

Tent from outside


Charles Lindbergh once wrote that “real freedom lies in wildness, not civilization.” At Humala, you get to have both… in more modern terms, it’s known as glamping. Joining the 10 luxury thatched-roof safari cabins are five new permanent canvas tents, giving guests even more of a one-with-nature experience.

Though seemingly remote on the reserve and set in a real-life enchanted forest, the tents are actually within walking distance from the main building that houses the restaurant, bar, and lounge, affording easy access to food, drink, and camaraderie.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Retirement


Were you born between 1946 and 1964? If the answer is yes, then you are part of the 10,000 baby boomers a day who will reach retirement age over the next ten years. You, according to Certified Wealth Strategist David Kennon, can spend more in your retirement and go live all the dreams you put on the shelf. Go forth into retirement bliss, he says. Take the cruise, go on a safari, travel with your grandkids, and do any other thing your heart desires.

David meets about 30 – 50 baby boomers in his office every month through his Social Security Outreach classes. Over the years, he has noted a startling pattern: very few boomers are spending their retirement savings. They suffer from what he calls “spendophobia,” doggedly holding onto their money for fear of not having enough for and throughout retirement.

Top 10 Experiences in South Africa

The lure of the exotic; the mysteries of the unknown, the confluence of cultures… South Africa has a universal, seductive appeal.  Here are just some of the reasons why.

12 Apostles Mountain Range

1. Scenic splendor

South Africa has some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in the world. Expect miles of golden beaches and unspoiled coastline; dramatic mountains and mountain passes; 19 national parks; game reserves teeming with big game and hundreds of birds; ancient forests; semi-deserts; oceans and rivers; rolling grasslands, and natural flower fields – all waiting to be explored.

Glazed What?

Gammon with pineapple and cherries

Nothing says Christmas in South Africa like glazed gammon.

Since Christmas is a summertime holiday in the Southern Hemisphere, some South Africans prefer to braai (barbeque) steaks and sausages for Christmas. But many go the British colonial heritage route with glazed gammon, roast beef, turkey, lamb and even chicken, served with roasted potatoes, veggies and salad.

For the uninitiated, gammon is a British name for a ham cured in the same way as bacon, versus dry-cured or cooked. In South Africa it is generally not served any other time of year.