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Best Seasons for Weather and Wildlife Viewing at Songimvelo

Eland, Zebr, and Wildebeast at Songimvelo  

Songimvelo Game Reserve is one of the most diverse and aesthetically pleasing wilderness areas in South Africa.  With its incredible mountain range and volcanic rocks, hidden valleys, cascading waterfalls and grassy savannas, it supports an amazing variety of plant and animal life. This is where guests of Humala River Lodge will experience several their first game drives and bush walks while on the safari portion of our Adventure and Safari Tour. The most common question we hear from our travelers planning their journey is, when is the best time to go?

We chatted with Humala’s resident General Manager, Wessel Roodt, to gain his insights.

New Tents at Humala

Tent from outside


Charles Lindbergh once wrote that “real freedom lies in wildness, not civilization.” At Humala, you get to have both… in more modern terms, it’s known as glamping. Joining the 10 luxury thatched-roof safari cabins are five new permanent canvas tents, giving guests even more of a one-with-nature experience.

Though seemingly remote on the reserve and set in a real-life enchanted forest, the tents are actually within walking distance from the main building that houses the restaurant, bar, and lounge, affording easy access to food, drink, and camaraderie.

Top 10 Experiences in South Africa

The lure of the exotic; the mysteries of the unknown, the confluence of cultures… South Africa has a universal, seductive appeal.  Here are just some of the reasons why.

12 Apostles Mountain Range

1. Scenic splendor

South Africa has some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in the world. Expect miles of golden beaches and unspoiled coastline; dramatic mountains and mountain passes; 19 national parks; game reserves teeming with big game and hundreds of birds; ancient forests; semi-deserts; oceans and rivers; rolling grasslands, and natural flower fields – all waiting to be explored.

The Best Time to Visit South Africa

Elephant baby with flowers

With our year round temperate climate, your decision about the best time to visit South Africa will not so much be based on the weather but more about the experiences and adventures you wish to have. For example, South Africa’s winter months (June, July, August) – which have the least rainfall, except for the Western Cape with its Mediterranean climate – is a peak time for game viewing, as a shortage of water means animals gather at watering holes.

Springtime in Africa – Flowers, and Babies and Birds, Oh My!

Credit Nat Geo Wildlife

Spring has sprung in the African bush – and that means riotous flower displays in the Cape, shaky-legged babies in the wildlife parks, and all the seasonal birds flocking in to grab their very own piece of the African sun. It’s the perfect time to follow them.

World Tourism Month in the heart of Africa: what does it all really mean?

World Toursim Day

Does tourism really benefit Africa? The short answer here is a resounding “Yes!” Of course, as with all things in life, the full answer can get a little complex, but it’s staggeringly clear that ethical, responsible tourism is a critical part of the African lifeblood.

It’s not just about tourism income, although your dollars, pounds and yen make an important contribution to the economies of the countries you visit. The real effects of responsible tourism on Africa run much, much deeper.

Can you still be an adventure traveler in your 50’s? YES!

elder traveller

Adventure travel is one of the most exciting ways to see the world, yet in recent years it has attracted a cliquey type of elitism. Go Touch Down Travel and Tours are here to shatter those myths, especially for older travellers, and bring back the fun for everyone.

Solo travel in Southern Africa in 2018 – what does it really mean?

Solo travel

Solo travel has long been seen as a totally different experience from that of the average tourist. Gone are the comforting tour groups and friends to fall back on – it’s a landscape of meals spent in your own company, experiences captured by the camera and learning the true nature of the world and yourself. Go Touch Down Travel and Tours brings you the lowdown on Southern African Travel for the daring solo adventurer in 2018, so you are prepared for everything you’ll meet along the way.