Can I use my Credit Cards in South Africa?

Credit Cards


Yes. Credit (and debit/check) cards are widely accepted in at ATMs and by most retailers throughout the county. You will find plenty of ATMs at the airport, and, if you need to withdraw cash during your tour, your guide can take you to the nearest ATM.

If you have only an American Express, MasterCard, and/or Diners Club card, it’s worth opening a Visa account, as this is by far the most accepted choice in Southern Africa.

BE SURE TO NOTIFY YOUR BANK of your international travel dates and destinations before you leave home.

We recommend that you make a photocopy of the front and back of your ATM and credit cards to leave behind with someone at home, just in case your cards are lost or stolen.

Many banks assess a transaction fee of 1% -3% on all charges you incur abroad, and some additionally charge a percentage of the amount withdrawn. Some banks do offer favorable overseas rates and charges for travelers using debit cards specifically.

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