Is it customary to tip people in South Africa?

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Tipping in South Africa is widely practiced. Here is some information on tipping in South Africa.

 Important Notes:
  • Please note that when you travel with Go Touch Down on our promotional tours, we include the tipping at restaurants. For restaurants and bars, 10% to 15% is the accepted tipping standard for any meals or drinks other than those included in our promotional tours.
  • However, tipping your driver and/or guide is not included and although not expected, it is appreciated should you decide to tip them at the end of your tour. The guideline is R100-120 ($10-12) per traveler per day. Either US dollars, Rand, or a combination of the two is acceptable. 

General Guidelines:

Parking attendants and security guards are common in parking lots and at roadside bays. They generally ask if they can watch your car while you are going about your business – if you agree, a tip of R2 and up should be offered, depending on the length of your stay. In South Africa, we still have the luxury of petrol attendants at gas stations to fill up our vehicle tanks, check oil, water, and tire pressure, and clean the windscreens.  How much to tip for this special South African service? From R2 up.

The going rate for porters at airports is between R5 and R10 per piece of luggage.

South Africa, you’ll soon see, has a tradition of roadside newspaper vendors.  It is customary to give the seller a few cents – rounding off the cost of your newspaper should be sufficient.

Hotel porters usually expect a tip of R10 to R20 per porter service.

Some of the other service providers you may want to tip are taxi drivers, tour guides, and assistants in hairdressers and beauty salons.  Should you need assistance in taking your purchases from supermarket to your vehicle, you may want to show your gratitude to your helper with a small monetary reward.

You’ll soon find your way around tipping etiquette in South Africa – it’s easy as it’s usually well-received.

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