Is Wi-Fi available in Cape Town and on Safari?

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Wi-Fi is available at all of our resorts. You might find internet speed in South Africa to be significantly slower than that to which you are accustomed, resulting in lengthy downloads and uploads of photos and emails.

On day one of your Exclusive Tour with us (Safari, Cape Town or Signature), you will receive a cell phone that can be used to make local calls in South Africa.  This gives you the ability to stay connected with your driver and guide as well as our operational team in South Africa.  The cell phone can also receive international calls, meaning you can give the number to family and friends in your home country and they will be able to contact you. The cell phone can also be used to send and receive international text messages. Please make sure that your South Africa cell phone is fully charged, on and carried with you at all times.

Please note that these phones are not available for pre- and post-nights, nor for Add-On Tours. If you were issued a cell phone during an Exclusive Tour, you are required to return it upon your departure and prior to any further travels within or outside of the country.

We do not recommend using data on your own phone while roaming in South Africa.  If you intend to do so, please contact your carrier to activate and for pricing. We do suggest that you arrange roaming for your phone prior to departing for South Africa.  This is for emergencies only and will generally not incur additional charges UNLESS you dial or receive international calls.  Confirm the charges and details with your carrier prior to departure. Doing this will allow you to contact our operational team in South Africa in case of an emergency upon your arrival in South Africa, prior to receiving your South African cell phone.  We suggest you load the following contact names and numbers for our operational team in South Africa on your own phone:

Jospeh Nkiwane (Airport pick-up and host) 01127-84-881-8708
James Tshabalala (Airport pick-up and host) 01127-83-313-2222
Anisa Laher (Operational Manager) 01127-71-677-8735
Rudolph Odendaal (Assistant Operational Manager) 01127-82-577-0978
Mandy Venter (Communications Liaison Manager) 01127-71-165-4067

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