Will I need a power adapter to use the electrical outlets in South Africa?


Voltage: 220/240 V; Plug M.

You will need a power adapter to use your appliances and mobile devices. You may not need a voltage converter as nearly all modern electronics are now dual-voltage. You can verify yours by finding the raised-letter specs on the charger (sometimes printed on a label); it’ll say something like Input: 110v-240v.
You can purchase your power adapter at the airport, or ahead of time at many hardware stores, travel shops or online retailers. Amazon.com has a reasonably priced selection from $7.99.
Voltage Map
South African Plug and Outlet
If you additionally need a voltage converter, we recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit. They cost between $12 and $30 dollars and can also be found in many hardware stores, travel shops and online retailers. Virtually all laptop computers and some electric razors take universal voltages. Always be sure to check with the manufacturer of the appliance for proper use and conversion.

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